Dane County Circuit Court Judge Jill Karofsky is a liberal-backed candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. On Tuesday, November 19, she participated in a debate with the other two candidates: Marquette Law School professor Ed Fallone, also backed by liberals, and Justice Daniel Kelly, backed by conservatives.

Karofsky accused Justice Kelly of corruption (“It just defies logic that every time a group that has a conservative interest, that has a Republican interest, comes before the court, that you are always able to find in their favor,” Karofsky told Kelly. “It just defies logic that the law is always on their side.”), while Fallone questioned Kelly’s reinterpretation of constitutional law (“The problem with Justice Kelly on the court is he is an ideologue who follows his own pet theories of constitutionalism, his own idiosyncratic originalist view,” Fallone said. “He thinks he’s a one-man constitutional convention.”)

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