Dear fellow Wisconsin Democrats,

The oath of office is simple. It’s taken by every Representative in Congress, every Senator, every Supreme Court justice, and the president. But this week, it’s become brutally clear that, when push comes to shove, the national leaders of the Republican party think their oaths are little more than a joke.

Trump’s offenses are plain as day. The GOP doesn’t care. Unless lightning strikes, he’ll be acquitted by the GOP Senate. Which means the task of ending the Trump era falls to us. 

Even as we keep fighting on the issues day to day, it’s time to get back to work on victory in 2020.

This week, I joined the Democratic Party of Wisconsin field team and our team leaders by calling potential volunteers for our first Day of Action: a statewide day of knocking on doors and making phone calls coming up this February 8.

It’s all hands on deck. Our first fight of the year is to defeat Dan Kelly in the Supreme Court race on April 7—which will dramatically shape jurisprudence for a decade, including rulings this year on critical issues like voting rights. And by fighting this spring, we run a dress rehearsal for what we have to do this fall. You can sign up to call and recruit volunteers by filling out this form. And you can RSVP now for a canvass shift here: More on all this is below. But the bottom line is—don’t just yell at your phone or TV. Get out there. Republicans refuse to do their job, which means saving democracy is our job instead. 

In solidarity,


FIGHT on the Issues & FIGHT to Win:
The Trump Administration’s Broken Promises on Education

Just before Mike Pence’s appearance at a “school choice” event in Madison on Tuesday, community leaders, parents and educators came together at a DPW-organized press conference to blast Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Betsy Devos for their broken promises on education.

Instead of investing in education, the Trump administration has continued the GOP’s legacy of siphoning funds away from public schools and attacking teachers’ unions. Trump, Pence and DeVos have repeatedly attempted to slash funding for public education, threatened student loan forgiveness programs, and proposed massive budget cuts in in teacher training programs. They care more about lining the pockets of big corporations than helping the next generation of Americans get the high-quality education they deserve.


Demanding a Fair Impeachment Trial

Just this week, Ron Johnson was reported saying that Trump’s former National Security Advisor John Bolton needs to tell his story publicly. And yet, so far, Johnson shows no indication that he’ll vote to actually call witnesses.

We need to hold Johnson accountable to this. It’s crucial to the foundation of our democracy that this impeachment trial be conducted fairly and with reverence to our constitution. This includes allowing witnesses who may have firsthand knowledge of the president’s crimes to testify in front of the American people.

Over the next couple of days, all of us need to call Ron Johnson and demand that he vote for Bolton to testify and not participate in a cover-up:

(202) 224-5323

Black History Month

Tomorrow, on the first day of February, we’ll kick off Black History Month. Here at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, we plan to celebrate the achievements and history of black Wisconsinites not just in the past, but in the present as well.

As a state, we still have a long way to go to secure equal rights, justice and treatment under the law for Black Wisconsinites — Wisconsin consistently ranks as one of the worst states to raise a black child, our incarceration rates for black men are some of the highest in the nation, and disparities in educational outcomes between white and black Wisconsin children are staggering.

Inequities like these make it even more important that we have diverse representation in our government and in positions of power. Thanks to courageous individuals like Vel Phillips, the first black woman elected to statewide office in Wisconsin, doors have been opened for future black leaders like Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes and State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor to be public officials today.

To honor Vel Phillips, Mandela Barnes, Carolyn Stanford Taylor and many others who fought for a seat at the table, we’ll be highlighting the history of Black Wisconsinites throughout the month, as well as the ongoing fight for equity and justice for all. Follow along with our series of posts on DPW’s Facebook page and Twitter page.


DPW Out & About

Vice Chair Felesia Martin represented the party at several events last week. She joined folks at a rehearsal  at the Milwaukee Coalition Against Hate and at Community Brainstorming in Milwaukee.


Ben spoke to the Progressive Partners of the 2nd Congressional District meeting in Stoughton on Saturday about the WISCO plan—Win the spring, Inspire & train at the convention, Stop the GOP supermajority, Cancel Trump’s 2nd inaugural, and Organize for the future. Thanks to the terrific activists fighting for fair maps, democracy, and the Wisconsin way who took time on their Saturdays to be there!

Ben also stopped by the Dane Dems executive board meeting on Wednesday.



Join the Growing DPW Staff

As we scale up for the fight of our lives, we’re bringing on new staff for a number of essential positions. We’re currently hiring a Political Director, Deputy Digital Director, Deputy Candidate Services Director, Field Organizers, Regional Organizing Director, Information Technology Coordinator and Staff Assistant.

You can check out our job openings page on newly re-designed website!

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is an equal opportunity employer. Women, People of Color, LGBT, people of all religious affiliations & people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

EMPOWER the Grassroots:
Team of the Week

Welcome to a new installment of the Weekly Chair’s Update where we’ll spotlight a new team or volunteer in Wisconsin doing great work to get Dems elected in 2020!

From their regional organizing director Nick Morgan: “No matter the time of year, you can count on the Neenah-Menasha Action Team to work hard in their hometown community. From #1Year2Win to canvassing on cold weekends in January, they have bundled up and knocked doors for our candidates up and down the ballot since their inception in 2018. They, along with the rest of the Winnebago County Democrats, have set an incredible example for us all!”

Thanks for being awesome, Neenah-Menasha Action Team!


60 Days to Victory

On February 8th, Wisconsin Democrats will mark 60 days until our Spring elections with a weekend of organizing, filled with 48 hours of action packed door knocking and phone banking.

These elections are crucial to a progressive future for Wisconsin. Our 2020 nominee for president, a Supreme Court seat, and local elections across the state are all on the ballot. If we want a government that works for all Wisconsinites, winning in April is the first step.

We need your help to make this a success. These elections will be decided by face-to-face connections and a strong ground game. So if you have a couple of free hours next weekend, visit to see how you can get involved.

In other exciting news, Milwaukee 2020 has also just officially launched its Volunteer Portal! If you’re interested in volunteering, make sure to create an account at (if you previously expressed an interest in volunteering, make sure to officially sign up through this portal!).

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