FIGHT on the Issues:
Keeping Our Kids Safe

In just the past week, we’ve seen three high schools — Oshkosh West, Waukesha North and Waukesha South — go under lockdown due to threats of violence and possession of weapons on school property.

Our kids and students should never have to worry about their safety when they go to school. They should be focused on their classes, not on whether a lockdown is a drill or not.

And for Governor Evers, this is personal. Two of his children graduated from Oshkosh West. He understands that we need to take steps to make sure that our schools are safe.

That’s why he called a special session months ago to give the legislature the opportunity to debate and pass gun safety laws. And that’s why he and other state legislators were disappointed — like us all — when Republicans refused to even debate legislation supported by 80% of Wisconsinites just weeks ago.

Please call your Democratic legislators and thank them for supporting this legislation. We’ll need more of their courage to move forward on this important issue.


9 Days to Sign Up for Health Insurance

There are less than ten days to sign up for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment period. Make sure to visit before December 15th to find a plan that works for you and your family and get covered. 2 of every 3 customers can find affordable health coverage for $10 or less per month!

Making Steps Towards Equality

Gov. Evers’ administration took the much needed step this week of installing free menstrual product dispensers in the Capitol and all state-owned office buildings. Rep. Melissa Sargent, who has pushed for legislation in the past to ensure state-run buildings offer free menstrual products, put it best:

“Menstrual products are necessities, not luxuries, and no individual should have to be without them when they are in need — especially in our government buildings.”

We couldn’t agree more. Thanks to the leadership of Gov. Evers’ office, we are finally righting the wrongs of the past and clearing the way towards true equity in our workplaces.


Keeping the Ballot Box Open for All

This week Gov. Evers also signed a measure to make voting more accessible for individuals with speech-affecting disabilities. Under previous state law, voters were required to state their name and address aloud before they were able to vote. Recognizing that this law put significant obstacles in place for disabled voters, Gov. Evers signed a bill into law that removed that requirement.

Of course, Wisconsinites with disabilities still face many barriers to voting, particularly when it comes to transportation. But this is one important piece of the solution to making vote free and accessible for all.

EMPOWER the Grassroots:
Chair Wikler on @LOLGOP’s Eclectablog Podcast

Chair Wikler joined Chris Savage and Jason Sattler on their podcast Eclectablog to discuss the role Wisconsin and our grassroots team of volunteers and activsts will have in deciding the 2020 presidential election (and changing history)!

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