Dear fellow Wisconsin Democrats,

2019 can feel like a month takes place every week. We should expect 2020 to feel like a month’s news and events get packed into every day.

Which is why it’s all the more important to take the time to celebrate what we’re grateful for, and spend time with the people we love.

On that note, all of us at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin wish you a happy Thanksgiving next week. We’re giving our team team a very hard-earned and well-deserved week off, and we hope you’re able to take some time as well. On that note, we won’t send a chair’s weekly update next week. But we’ll be back on the case this December, in our final ramp-up to the year ahead.

Thanks for being part of this fight.


FIGHT on the Issues:
Defending the Constitution

In case you missed it, Sen. Ron Johnson gave an interview to Meet The Press on Sunday in which he humiliated both himself and Wisconsin (again).

Among other things, Johnson made the absurd statement that the whistleblower who drew attention to Trump’s alleged bribery of the Ukrainian government “exposed things that didn’t need to be exposed.”

The natural question we’re left with is whether Johnson himself has become embroiled in Trump’s wrongdoings. One thing is clear — Ron Johnson cares more about making excuses for President Trump than he does honoring his constitutional oath to defend our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic. Yet again, Ron Johnson has put party over country.

Holding Trump Accountable

Ahead of Mike Pence’s campaign visit to Marinette this Wednesday, community leaders and working people came together to call out Donald Trump’s broken promises to Wisconsinites in a press conference put together by DPW.

Here’s some of what they said:

Green Bay City Councillor Randy Scannell“Voters in Green Bay placed their trust in Trump — and he has proven that he is not worthy of that trust because all it seems he is capable of is breaking his promises to us. And this is all happening as there are people in every corner of this district who are struggling. Whether they are a farmer who is being crushed by the trade war, the mom and dad figuring out how they can pay for their child’s prescription medicine, or the individual who has to live paycheck to paycheck because their wages have been stagnant for years. We need a president who will actually stand up for us — a president who will have our backs, a president who doesn’t break their promises.”

Sarah Conklin, Green Bay area resident with a pre-existing condition: “Because of President Donald Trump I live in fear every day. I live in fear that he will continue to break his promise to people like me with pre-existing conditions by pursuing legislation that removes the protections I need to pay for my health care. I live in fear that he will continue to break his promise to lower health care and prescription drug costs, and that one day I won’t be able to pay for the care and medicine I need. I live in fear that one day my life will be put in immediate jeopardy because Donald Trump doesn’t care about people with health problems. And the fact is my story is not unique — there are millions of Wisconsites whose well-being is on the line because of Donald Trump’s attacks on our health care system. Donald Trump breaking his promise on health care is literally life and death for some of us.  None of us want to live in fear for four more years. None of us want to worry that one day we will see our well-being disappear because of the actions of Donald Trump.”

Ada Deer’s ‘Making a Difference’

You know her as a proud Wisconsin progressive and the first Native American woman—and first woman at all—to lead the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Now, Ada Deer has written a memoir, “Ada Deer: Making a Difference,” about the different challenges she faced throughout her life and how she overcame them — from growing up in poverty to fighting for her tribe to running for office. On Tuesday, she spoke about her book at a forum in UW-Madison’s Shannon Hall.

Ada’s most famous quote is inscribed in UW Alumni Park: “You don’t have to collapse just because there’s federal law in your way. Change it!”

When she said that, she spoke from experience. The federal government had ended recognition of her tribe as part of termination, the horrendous plan to end Native American tribal governments and culture that was federal policy for decades in the middle of the 20th century. The Menominee were on the road to total destruction. But Ada led a movement to fight back—leading to a federal law, passed through Congress and signed by the president on December 22, 1973, that made the Menominee the first tribe to be restored. A wave of other restorations followed. And, two decades later, as head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Ada herself doubled the number of federally recognized tribes with a stroke of her pen.

Termination—and its shattering legacy—is a profoundly shameful chapter in our history. But we can draw inspiration from Ada and people like her by learning stories about people who organized, fought back, and eventually won against long odds. Then, we can carry forward their legacy by fighting for justice for all peoples in our own time.


Transgender Day of Remembrance

This past Wednesday marked the Transgender Day of Remembrance — a day we remember the souls lost to hate-based violence against transgender people.

Wisconsin Democrats remain steadfast in our commitment to a just and fair society where no person is subjected to violence or discrimination — especially based on their self-identified gender.

EMPOWER the Grassroots:
Unfinished Business

Medicaid Expansion. Gun Safety Reform. Clean Water Protections.

All of these policies have overwhelming public support in Wisconsin and the potential to make a real difference in the lives of everyday Wisconsinites. Common sense would tell us that our state legislature wouldn’t waste a second to pass these bills for the governor’s signature.

But during the 2019 session, hardworking families have been left behind by GOP obstructionists who continue to prioritize power grabs and play petty political games. So long as they feel free to neglect their responsibilities and obstruct our governor, the list of problems facing Wisconsinites will only build.

Therefore, it’s on all of us to demand that Republicans start doing their jobs and listen to the will of the people. So write a letter to the editor, call your state legislators, do whatever you can to make your voice heard. The status quo won’t change without your involvement.

Legislative Hotline #: 1-800-362-9472

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