Republicans are panicked…

This weekend, Wisconsin Republicans will meet in Milwaukee for their annual state convention where one word is on every Republicans’ mind: panic.

Scott Walker and the GOP’s time has run out. People are starting to see Wisconsin Republicans for who they are — a party that has showered its donors and wealthy corporations with tax breaks while our schools, roads, and local economies have been left behind by their failed leadership.

They’re panicked because they’ve lost two high profile races this year despite pouring massive amounts of money into those races, they’re losing voters thanks to their extremism and divisive brand of politics, and because Wisconsin Republicans are blatantly ignoring their constituents’ needs in order to enrich their wealthy donors, Democrats are flipping seats that have been red for decades.

photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Scott Walker himself is so panicked he can’t even remember what he stands for — he just knows it’s whatever will get him re-elected.

The GOP can spend the weekend scheming and scrambling to pull out a win in November, but at the end of the day, Scott Walker and his colleagues in the legislature won’t be able to distance themselves from the fact their legacy is one of doling out tax cuts for wealthy corporations while robbing thousands of Wisconsinites of health care.

It’s why Democrats and progressives across the state are energized like never before. We’re mobilizing to take back our state, to lead with our Wisconsin values and create a better future for Wisconsin.

Whether it’s our commitment to ensuring affordable, quality health care for all, our pledge to fully fund our public classrooms or our promise to build an economy that works for everyone, Wisconsinites from all walks of life are responding enthusiastically to our positive vision for the state. It’s why Scott Walker and Republicans will spend this weekend panicking.

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Please watch Tammy’s touching new video about her personal connection to the opioid crisis. Tammy is someone I trust to be there for Wisconsinites in good times and when things get tough. Please also share Tammy’s video on Facebook!

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Lawsuit to be filed over Foxconn pollution

What happens when Gov. Walker fails to act in the best interests of Wisconsin? Other states come in to pick up his slack.

Lisa Madigan, the Attorney General for Illinois, announced last week that Illinois plans to sue the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), led by scandal-plagued Trump appointee Scott Pruitt, for exempting Foxconn from key pollution controls that would have protected the air quality for residents of both Wisconsin and Illinois.

photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

High smog levels can be dangerous, especially if you have asthma or work or exercise outdoors. Illinois stands to gain thousands of jobs from Foxconn without paying a dime and even they are raising objections to this deal. Our very own governor, whose job is to put Wisconsinites first, couldn’t even stand up on our behalf to protect our communities. That is outrageous to me.

In order to have healthy communities and families, we need a healthy environment. Democrats want to ensure families today, and in the future, have clean air, water and land to enjoy and we will continue to do everything we can to protect our planet and natural resources for generations to come.

That’s why Democrats in the legislature are hosting even more public town halls on Foxconn. They want to hear your thoughts and share information on the full impact Foxconn will have in your community. I highly encourage you to attend one of these four town halls to ask questions and have your concerns heard.

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Caleb Frostman is our awesome Democratic candidate running in the special election for Senate District 1! Caleb wants to expand skills training to build a stronger middle-class economy, and he has the experience to get it done. Learn more about Caleb here!

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I want to say thank you to all the educators in our state who work so hard every day doing the important job of teaching our children and helping them grow. A good education is crucial for a child’s future, and that’s why we as Democrats believe in fully funding our public classrooms and making sure every student is given the tools to succeed.

Our educators are guiding and influencing the future leaders of our state, and they’ve done it despite so many attacks by Republican leadership. Teachers have a tough job in Wisconsin, but I’m confident that by electing a Democratic governor in November and sending more Democrats to the Legislature, Wisconsin will once again value education as it has in the past.

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“Ron Kind talks farm bill with local farmers”

Photo by Ben Anderson, River Falls Journal

“After finishing a listening session Wednesday, May 2, Rep. Ron Kind (D-Wis) stopped over at Juliet Tomkins’ home, a farm in the town of Martell, to talk with a group of 10-15 local farmers about the Farm Bill…

” ‘Having an ear in DC with Representative Kind is incredibly valuable,’ she said. Kind has ‘a good listening ear…someone who will really take our messages to heart and push hard to advocate for them. That’s pretty unusual. It’s pretty wonderful…’ “

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