Republicans Cut $900 Million from Gov. Evers’ Education Budget.

We call Gov. Evers’ budget the People’s budget for a reason — this administration had hours upon hours of conversations with Wisconsinites in every part of the state to hear what everyday working people needed from their government. We’ve learned that 73% of Wisconsinites support an increase in special education funding while 55% support increasing funding for K-12 education. Like Medicaid Expansion, supporting our kids is very popular in our state.

That’s why Gov. Evers proposed a $1.4 billion investment in education, including a much-needed $600 million investment in special education(which hasn’t seen a funding increase since 2009!). Gov. Evers knows that what’s best for our kids is what’s best for our state. If we don’t give our kids the support and education they need now, we will pay the price in years to come.


But that didn’t stop Republicans from slashing $900 million from Gov. Evers’ proposed education budget. They decided their tax breaks to the wealthiest people in our state were more important than the future of Wisconsin’s kids.Additionally, they cut Gov. Evers’ proposed special education investment by 84%. School districts around the state have had to foot the bill for the increasing cost of special education services, in turn forcing local property owners to raise their own taxes. Republicans are picking winners and losers with this budget, and it just isn’t fair. 

In more appalling news from the Republican caucus, Sen. Chris Kapenga from Delafield has been doubling down on his belief that kids with disabilities don’t belong in our public schools. What does it say about GOP priorities that their members don’t even believe every Wisconsin kid deserves to be supported by the state?

Republicans have said this is “the best [they] can do,” but we know that’s not the case. This fight isn’t over, and budget negotiations will continue until Wisconsin’s kids get the support they deserve.

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Democrats Introduce Automatic Voter Registration

As part of their commitment to ensure every Wisconsin citizen can participate in our democracy without unnecessary barriers, Gov. Evers and legislative Democrats introduced legislation earlier this week that would automatically register eligible voters at the DMV when receiving a driver’s license.

We should be making it easier for Wisconsinites to vote, not harder. Automatic voter registration is a no-brainer.


Congrats, Rep. Hintz!

Our Democratic Assembly leader Rep. Gordon Hintz welcomed a new member of his family this week! Congrats again, Gordon!






Milwaukee 2020 Announces New Hires

It seems like just yesterday we got news that Milwaukee would host the 2020 Democratic National Convention! Believe it or not, Milwaukee 2020 will be here in just over a year, and the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) is busy at work hiring the best and brightest to make sure Convention is a success.

Here are some of the new hires made by DNCC and the Milwaukee Host Committee:

Debra Alligood White — DNCC Chief of Staff:
Jorge Neri — DNCC Director of Public Engagement
Teresa Vilmain — DNCC Senior Advisor
Liz Gilbert — Host Committee Executive Director
Shirley Ellis — Senior Advisor to the Host Committee
Marcus Switzer — Host Committee Finance Director
Martha Love — Host Committee Senior Advisor
Alex Lasry — Finance Chair for Host Committee

Read more about the team here.

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