New Sheriffs in town!

In addition to all the exciting victories of last week, we elected two new Democratic county sheriffs in Wisconsin — Earnell Lucas in Milwaukee and Tammy Sternard in Door County! Congrats to Earnell and Tammy!


Political races at the top of the ticket often get the most attention, but sometimes it’s the results of local races that will affect our daily lives the most. We need to support Democrats up and down the ballot, from school board to the Senate. Luckily, spring elections will soon be upon us, and you can rally support for your local Democrats then! (After some well needed rest, of course.)

Speaking of local races, shout out to our Tomika Vukovic, alderwoman and school board member from Glendale who was just appointed to the Wisconsin League of Municipalities this week! Her appointment is no surprise — not only has Tomika done an outstanding job representing her constituents, she has been a tireless advocate for how important local government is. Congratulations Tomika!

Republicans trying to get rid of checks and balances

It hasn’t even been a week since the people of Wisconsin chose Tony Evers as their new governor, yet legislative Republicans are already trying to override the will of the people.

Robin Vos, like the typical career politician he is, has threatened to take up legislation to rip certain executive powers away from the governor’s office in order to subvert the will of voters. He and his Republican colleagues are desperate to cling to power, even if it means gutting our constitution and separation of powers.

“Wrapped the campaign the way it began: working to find ways we can put our kids first and ensure every child has an opportunity to grow and thrive. Thank you to the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County for the tour!” — @Tony4WI

Wisconsinites left behind the politics of divide and conquer when they elected Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes to be their governor and lt. governor. Wisconsinites want their leaders to address the issues facing their families and communities, like our rising health care costs and crumbling roads. Instead, Vos has chosen to pick petty political fights over addressing real issues.

On Baraboo

I want to address a photo that was circulating around the Internet this week. You probably already know what I’m talking about — the photo was of a group of high school students at Baraboo High School performing what was clearly a nazi salute. I don’t want to repost this image as it is an ugly, outrageous display of hate.

I appreciated this article written by Monnica Hesse of the Washington Post on the subject, particularly this quote:

  • So, to the Baraboo superintendent: If your defense is, “We’re a hate-free environment,” but there’s a photo of 60 of your students Sieg Heil-ing on the steps of the county courthouse, then maybe you should consider the possibility that you are, in fact, a hate-filled environment. You should also consider the possibility that a useful response wouldn’t be to deny it but rather to interrogate it. Maybe something like: Our students did an awful thing. We’re trying to figure out why, and how we can have the conversations to help make sure they never want to do it again.

There is no room for these displays of anti-Semitism and white supremacy in our communities. We need to be better than this. It is on every single one of us to create a climate of love and acceptance where these acts of hate are not tolerated. Until we as Americans acknowledge the hate that lives in our communities and work to change that climate, we will continue to see hateful acts like this. So let’s lead by example and show our children and young people through our actions that hate has no place here in Wisconsin.

Governor-elect Evers launches transition site!

You can check out the happenings of our new administration at Governor-elect Tony Evers’s new website:! Tony and Mandela want to hear from you — so please, share your comments with our new administration (or even apply for a job!) at today!

Democratic Weekly Radio Address from Rep. Dianne Hesselbein


Hello, this is State Representative Dianne Hesselbein with this week’s Democratic Radio Address. On November 11th, Americans celebrated Veterans Day. On this day we especially honor those who performed the highest duty any individual can offer our great nation – service in our Armed Forces. Our brave veterans are a steadfast reminder of the sacred obligations…”




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