“Now, let’s get back to work!”

Gov. Evers delivered his first State of the State Address this past Tuesday, and it was filled with emotion and promise. He highlighted his goals for our state’s future while telling some of the stories he and Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes heard while traveling the state these past few months. One of my favorite shoutouts was the one he gave to Jose Olvera, an Abbotsford man who immigrated to Wisconsin from Mexico, and whose family is one of many immigrant families that make our state a better place.

In his speech, Governor Evers extended the hand of bipartisanship as he emphasized the need for Wisconsin to move forward, together. Here are a few highlights from the Governor’s speech:

“Our budget will also seek to expand Medicaid in Wisconsin. According to the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, this will enable an additional 76,000 Wisconsinites to have access to affordable healthcare. This would also save Wisconsin taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, allowing us to reallocate those cost savings to other critical programs.” -Gov. Evers on Medicaid Expansion

“The budget that I’ll be introducing in the coming weeks is about connecting those dots. And to no one’s surprise, it begins—as it always has for me—with education…Connecting the dots means recognizing that what’s best for our kids is best for our state. The investment we make in our kids today will yield dividends for generations. That’s why our budget reaffirms our state’s commitment to our kids by returning to two-thirds funding for schools across Wisconsin.”- Gov. Evers on Return to ⅔ Funding

“My Urban Initiatives programs will also empower minority students in our state’s highest-need districts by expanding early childhood education and summer school grant programs.”- Gov. Evers on Fighting Racial Inequities

“In the coming weeks, I’ll be signing an executive order to designate a person at the Department of Health Services to take charge on addressing Wisconsin’s lead crisis and to help secure federal funding for prevention and treatment programs.”- Gov. Evers on Clean Water

Right out of the gate, Governor Evers is following through on his campaign promises. He knows Wisconsinites are sick and tired of the division and political games of the Walker administration, and he’s ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work for the people of Wisconsin.

Shutdown Continues to Hurt Wisconsin Families

As we enter day 35 of the partial government shutdown, Wisconsin families and federal workers continue to struggle. Our Democratic congressional delegation has shown they care about the toll this shutdown is taking on our federal workers — Rep. Mark Pocan visited Dane County Airport staff this week to hear the stories of unpaid TSA workers, and Senator Baldwin has indicated she’s ready to vote on a bipartisan deal that the House passed.

Republicans have shown anything but empathy during this manufactured crisis. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said “I don’t understand why” federal workers are using food banks. Rep. Glenn Grothman even voted against back pay for employees who have been working without pay!

Wisconsinites are even facing the possibility of losing FoodShare benefits because of the shutdown. Without these benefits, possibly over 1 million people in our state will not have access to the federal food assistance they need. This pointless shutdown is putting people’s livelihoods at stake, and it’s disgraceful that this administration continues to hold federal workers and our communities hostage.

The shutdown is hurting our state in ways you never would have thought, Rep. Ron Kind is concerned about how the shutdown is impacting our breweries and statewide economy.

The pain and damage caused by Trump’s senseless shutdown is unforgivable. I know Democrats are doing everything they can to support our workers and reach a deal to end this crisis. In addition to calling your members of Congress, here are 5 ways you can help out furloughed workers during this time.

Weekly Democratic Radio Address: Sen. Patty Schachtner

“In his first State of the State address, Governor Tony Evers laid out an agenda to expand access to health care, fully fund our schools, and provide income tax relief for working families. Governor Evers spoke about the need to connect the dots between the issues facing our communities.

When we invest in small business startups and broadband expansion, we grow our Main Streets. When we preserve health care protections…”

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