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Remember that Blue Wave that we want in November? It is not going to happen unless we all Do.Our.Part. Here is how you can help make it happen — by signing up for a shift at the office.


Shifts are as follows;
M – F   2 – 5pm; 5 – 7pm
Sat      9am – 12pm; 12 – 3pm; 3 – 6pm
Sun    12 – 3pm; 3 – 6pm

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If you can, sign up for the Tuesday shifts and the Saturday 3-6 shift.
We need someone to cover the office while other volunteers are canvassing.

It is easy duty — bring a book or your laptop or that stack of magazines you have been meaning to go through. We have high-speed internet and a fridge stocked with snacks and La Croix in various flavors, plus crackers, peanut butter, and cookies on the shelf. You will answer the phone, chat* with folks who come in, hand out signs and candidate literature and perhaps a membership form, and ask for a donation, which people are happy to give. There is an Owner’s Manual to help you know what needs to be done and has phone numbers of people you can call for help.

We will also have campaign tasks you can help with — writing postcards, calling volunteers to remind them of their upcoming shift, or perhaps entering canvass data.

Help make that blue wave a reality!

* It turns out to actually be fun to talk to the Dems who come in, even if you are an introvert. They are enthusiastic and eager to talk about a change in Madison and Washington.