Gov. Evers & Democrats had hours and hours of conversations with everyday people before they crafted the People’s Budget. Democrats listened — Republicans did not. Republicans needlessly picked winners and losers in this budget. We can afford all our priorities, but Republicans are just choosing not to. Wisconsinites deserve better than the budget Republicans scrapped together, which will increase health care costs, delay road projects and shift funding away from our schools. Republicans are ignoring the will of the people just so they can undermine Gov. Evers & continue to stack the deck in favor of wealthy special interests.

Gov. Evers still stands by the People’s Budget he originally proposed. Those are his priorities for Wisconsin.

  • Background on Medicaid Expansion

    • Despite saving taxpayers $324 million dollars and providing affordable health care access to 82,000 Wisconsinites, GOP leadership ignored the will of the people and voted against this popular budget provision.

      • In a recent Marquette Poll, 70% of Wisconsinites say they support Medicaid expansion.

      • Medicaid expansion would reinvest $1.6 billion in federal dollars and state savings toward essential initiatives, such as maternal and infant health, expanding dental care, and increasing caregiver wages

    • By stripping away this provision, Republicans are jeopardizing access to affordable health care, restricting the freedom to make personal health care decisions and denying families the opportunity to improve their financial security.

    • In addition to blocking Medicaid Expansion, Republicans blocked funding for lead pipe replacement, infant mortality prevention measures, medical marijuana, marijuana decriminalization, and closing the Dark Store Loophole.

      • Their decision to scrap the Governor’s budget and start from scratch jeopardizes critical investments in schools, roads and health care.

  • Medicaid Expansion is the anchor of the People’s Budget — it is the lever that helps WI draw $1.6 billion in federal dollars to fund programs that will impact every Wisconsinite and every community

  • With Medicaid expansion we can…

    • Save the state $324 million while expanding BadgerCare eligibility to 82,000 Wisconsinites

    • Fund mental health initiatives

    • Implement the hub-and-spoke addiction treatment model

    • Improve dental care access for low-income individuals and individuals with disabilities

    • Enhance the health outcomes for mothers and infants