Our own Kim Butler is running for the 28th Assembly District seat!

Kim is running against incumbent Adam Jarchow because she feels he has ignored the issues that are important to folks in our district. Specifically, she wants to fight for improved public education, affordable and accessible healthcare, and family-sustaining jobs. Importantly, she believes we have have those thing AND have a clean, healthy environment. Kim also feels that elected officials should listen to and represent all of their constituents, not just the ones they agree with. Kim is a longtime community volunteer, 11 year cancer survivor, Milltown small business owner with her husband David, and former television producer who has lived in Balsam Lake for 17 years. Her two children attend St. Croix Falls High School.

Please support her in any way you can — make a donation to her campaign, talk to your friends and family about her, host a coffee or wine & cheese party to introduce her to those friends and family, drive her to events, walk with her in parades this summer, make phone calls, go door to door to distribute her campaign literature, submit a supportive letter to our local papers.