New Legislative District Information

Wisconsin has new legislative districts which has put Polk County in different Senate and Assembly Districts. Polk County is now in Assembly District 75 and Senate District 73. You can click here to see the new maps. 

Congressional Districts Maps have not changed at this time. To learn more about why click here.

November Elections

Jane Kleiss for State Assembly District 75

Jane decided to run to represent the 75th District out of a desire to build a strong future for us all and to find creative solutions for the issues facing Wisconsinites. For too long, certain groups have worked to keep We the People afraid and angry. Fear and rage are detrimental to our society and have created deep divides in our communities. We are all people and agree on more than we disagree about. Jane believes in kindness, integrity, logic and working together to move Wisconsin forward.

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Jane cannot do this without our support. She is currently accepting donations at: Jane Kleiss for Wisconsin, PO Box 1091, St Croix Falls, WI 54024

Re-elect Tammy Baldwin  for Senate

We were all thrilled when Wisconsin Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin announced  she is running for a third term.

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What is Tammy Working On?

Working Hard to Pass the Next Farm Bill

Wisconsin is a proud rural state known for its world-class agriculture and some of the hardest workers in the country. Tammy knows that our farmers and rural communities always have our backs, which is why she’s making sure they remain a top priority in Washington.

Right now, Tammy is working hard to pass a strong Farm Bill that keeps Wisconsin’s agricultural industries and rural communities going strong. Some important bipartisan priorities that Tammy is working to get passed into the final version of the bill include strengthening her Dairy Business Innovation Initiative, which has given grants to dozens of Wisconsin’s dairy businesses to help them diversify their businesses, expand dairy production, and create jobs. And she’s also laser focused on supporting farmers’ wellbeing by expanding and reauthorizing her Farmers First Act, which delivers investments for mental health resources in rural areas. Tammy knows that our farmers and rural communities do so much to keep our nation clothed, fed, and moving forward, which is why she’s determined to do right by them in this next Farm Bill.

Standing Up For Students

Tammy knows how important higher education can be for young Wisconsinites and often it serves as a doorway for many to pursue their passions, good paying jobs, and socioeconomic mobility. She also knows that higher education is expensive, and students depend on financial aid to access higher education. In the past few months, recent glitches in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) have prevented students from submitting applications and have stopped colleges from sending out financial aid offers to prospective students on time.

Last week, Tammy stood up for future college students, calling on the Department of Education to address these errors and iron out any problems with the FAFSA application process before the 2025-2026 school year. These issues have had a drastic impact on the number of applicants, as the current number of completed FAFSA applicants is down by about 30% from last year. Tammy knows that many students depend on financial aid to attend college, and she is going to keep fighting to ensure students have the resources they need to pursue their higher education dreams.

Fighting the Opioid, Fentanyl, and Heroin Epidemic

The opioid, fentanyl, and heroin epidemic has devastated communities across Wisconsin, and it does not discriminate. It’s in our farm towns, our cities, and our suburbs, and it affects people of all demographics. This epidemic is personal for Tammy, whose mother suffered from opioid abuse due to physical and mental illness. That’s why Tammy is ready to work with anyone willing to come to the table to beat this epidemic because we can’t let it claim any more lives and destroy our communities.

Last week, Tammy announced that over $17.7 million in grants will be made available to the state of Wisconsin to help our local communities address the fentanyl and opioid epidemic. This builds on Tammy’s work to pass pieces of legislation that ensure first responders are equipped to respond to overdoses and disrupt fentanyl supply chains so that these illegal drugs can’t enter our country. Tammy knows our local communities need all the support to combat this deadly epidemic so she’s going to keep working hard to find solutions and make sure it remains a top priority in Washington.

Expanding Women’s Health Care

Tammy believes access to affordable, high quality health care is a basic right every American should have. But for far too long our healthcare system has been critically lacking research and awareness about women’s midlife health care. Despite the fact that half of all Americans will face menopause at some point, stigmatization of this public health issue has led to a drastic knowledge gap about the symptoms and treatment of menopause and other women’s midlife health issues.

Alongside a bipartisan coalition of senators and actress Halle Berry, Tammy is fighting to ensure women have access to comprehensive midlife health care through her Advancing Menopause and Mid-Life Women’s Health Act. This first of its kind bill would invest in research and educational efforts about menopause and women’s midlife health issues. Tammy knows that our health care system should work for everyone – regardless of gender, age, or condition, and she is going to keep fighting until all women are able to get the quality health care they deserve and no longer have to suffer in silence.

Saving AM Radio

Tammy knows that Wisconsinites across the state listen to AM radio to get their local news and national news. And in the summer especially, AM radio provides Wisconsinites with updates on their beloved Brewers and severe weather like tornadoes.

Despite the necessity of AM radio for many Americans, some of the world’s largest car makers have been removing AM radio from their electric vehicles. Right now, Tammy is working to pass bipartisan legislation that will ensure that car makers are putting AM radio in every single one of their cars so everyone can access important news and life saving safety announcements. This bill is making its way through the Senate right now with lots of momentum. Tammy is going to keep working hard to see this bill through and ensure Wisconsinites have access to their AM radio.



‘State of the Union

President Biden’s State of the Union address provided a clear and concise message to the county. He made us proud and provided a message of hope to the country.

7th Congressional District

Kyle Kilbourn – “A leader for solving problems, not creating them”

Kyle is running to ensure every Wisconsinite has the opportunity and tools to pursue their American Dream, by  making healthcare affordable, preserving our water and environment, and keeping our communities safe. To learn more, please visit his website at:

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