Primary election

Spring elections are for non-partisan offices — WI Supreme Court, county boards, city councils, village, town, and school boards. Since there are three candidates running for our supreme court, there will be a primary election in February to determine which two candidates will be on the April ballot. The two progressive candidates are attorney Tim Burns and Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet.

The last date to request an absentee ballot for the primary is February 15.

You may vote for TWO candidates, so remember their names: Tim Burns and Rebecca Dallet. Let us not permit the Republicans’ right-wing, anti-choice, Walker yes-man, candidate onto the Court.

Tuesday, February 20 — primary election for Wisconsin Supreme Court!

WI Governor

The Governor’s race in Wisconsin has begun with many Democratic Candidates running. Click on the image below to view their information and links.

Dates to remember for the governor’s race:
Primary will be August 14, 2018
Election will be November 6, 2018