We all know how the right has used certain words — like “hard-working Americans”, “traditional [or “family”]values”, “safety”, “economic freedom” — to frame their arguments. Here are some alternative words we can use.

Don’t say “the environment”; say shared resources.

Don’t say “entitlements”; say earned benefits.

Don’t say “government spending”; say investing in America.

Don’t say “big business”; say unelected government.

Don’t say “immigrants” or “illegal  [or “undocumented”] immigrants; say economic refugees.

Don’t say “gun control”; say gun safety.

Don’t say “pro-life”; say anti-choice.

Don’t say “illegal aliens”; say undocumented residents.

Don’t say “chained migration”; say family-based migration or family reunification.

Don’t say “right to work”; say anti-union.

Don’t say “welfare”; say shared safety net.

Don’t say “free market capitalism”; say socialized risk, privatized profits.

Don’t say “fake news”; say facts.