It is surprisingly inexpensive to become a member of the Democratic Party. For only $25 (individual), $35 (household), or $10 (low income) you can become a member of both your county and state party. All memberships are handled at the state party level. The state sends part of your dues back to your local county party.

Click below to join or renew your Democratic Party membership. We recommend using a credit or debit card; checks sent to the state party sometimes cause confusion and delays.

The ActBlue page, linked above, can be confusing because it talks about donations. When you choose a membership amount of $25, $35, or $10, you are paying for your Democratic Party membership. Any additional amount made through the ActBlue link is a donation to the state party.

Polk County Democrats would like you to consider making any additional donations to your county party. These donations help the Polk County Democrats pay for our county events such as the fair tent, office and storage space, advertising, etc. Donations can be made at any time. Individuals who choose not to become a member of the Democratic Party can also make donations to the Polk County Democrats.