Bernie? Biden?   Who do you support? After the April 7 presidential preference primary, we will know which candidates earned enough WI votes to get delegates to the Democratic National Convention this summer in Milwaukee. You could be one of these delegates. The first step is this training at 6PM on Thursday March 12, then the 4/26 County Caucus in Balsam Lake, and the Congressional District Caucus May 17 in Medford. Will Hoffman from the State Party will be here to help you understand the process, the deadlines and (minimal) paperwork involved. Polk County Democratic Chair Kim Butler, who was the first national delegate from Polk County in recent history will talk about her experience at the 2016 Convention in Philadelphia. At 6pm we hope to have other speakers, including organizers from a couple campaigns. No meal. Training starts at 6:30. All are welcome. You do not need to be a member of the Democratic Party to be a delegate. (But we’d love it if you’d join🎉)
The Amery Community/Senior Center is a non partisan organization and is not connected to, or endorsing this event.